Ithaka Organic

Ithaka Organic is the international distributor of fresh organic and demeter fruit and vegetables which are grown according to the best practices of the organic and demeter growers community. Ithaka Organic is your direct link to organic and demeter growers world-wide.


Overseas season. Mostly imports from South America and South Africa.

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Sales agents for dedicated producers

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Consultants to fellow importers wishing to grow their organic marketshare

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About us

People buy from people is our motto. We are all unique but bottom-line we are all the same. Our services consist of supplying you with the product you want, at the right market price and in a manner which will want you to continue doing business with us.

Johan Troost, owner and sales manager of Ithaka Organic, has been in the fresh fruit and vegetables market for close to 15 years. After learning the trade at The Greenery and Eosta, he has worked as an agent for the last 6 years, building close alliances with growers, importers/exporters, logistical partners, retailers, whole-salers and many friends.

Our aim is to connect you to the growers and to build long lasting, transparent relationships.

Ithaka: what does it mean?

Ithaka is the island home of Odysseus. A mythological figure who was on a long road home for over 20 years. Besides it being a great book to read for me it symbolises the road we are all on. My mission 5 years ago when i founded Ithaka Organic was to grow the organic footprint. The road we are on now with our planet is one with a lot of challenges and not enough positive changes climate-wise. The organic and demeter sector is in my opinion the right way to go fruit and veggie wise, lessening at least thát footprint on Planet Earth.



Our goal is to build longlasting transparent relationships. To support that we have all the accreditations needed. Our organic and demeter certificates. As also BRC Food en IFS Food.

Our partners have the required storage, packing and transport certificates in order to ensure a smooth passage through the whole supply-chain. We work in close collaboration with external laboratories for micro biological and residue analysis.

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  • Ithaka Organic is one of our best suppliers in fresh fruits and vegetables. All the products are fresh with vivid colors and top quality! We are lucky to have such partners! Thank you for your collaboration!

    Bio Agros Organic purchaser
  • We have been working with Johan for some years now and he´s always available and will always leave you with a smile on your face. An expert and very sincere so you can be sure to get what you want regarding quality and prices for that matter. Reliable and solution oriented if there’s any issues, easy to deal with in short.

    Victor - FGK
  • Conocemos a Ithaka Organic como un proveedor serio, un nivel de servicio comercial alto. Siempre disponible y estamos muy contentos de trabajar con ellos. Esperamos de poder continuar trabajar con ellos por mucho mas tiempo

    Equipo de compra - Eurobanan
  • Johan / Ithaka has great experience in the organic market. He brings people together, with professionality, and most important; with a face. We know each other for many years now and he helped us a lot, to develop our todays sales network. Thank you

    Alexander Feulner Agricolli Bio